Ms. Harmony

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Ms. Harmony
  • Ms. Harmony


Robin Thicke

Funny, it's time
Things ain't going right, oh harmony
Don't know how you get by!
Feels like frozen time
You wake up the moment into your surprise
You got hope and you're alright

You're so close and you're so tight
When the ice melts so right,
You got a sparkle, baby
She says you need to be afraid
You see, age don't matter
Not you see, it's never to late

Cause when you feel love, Ms Harmony
Oh, you deserve everything you dream
Cause when you smile at me, ooh harmony
You light all the world with your energy
Oh, baby

You walk with your head high
You only take what's right, oh harmony
I know just what you need.
New job, a brand new car
It feels like you're going far, oh harmony
You're a flower in bloom

Out with the old, in with the new
Walk away from what all those men did to you
Now you're light on your feet
And now every man touch their head, to get a better look


Oh yeah


Cause when you feel that your loving, oh Harmony come love me tonight

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