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Hustle Fo
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I do this shit 'cuz I love to do this shit

My nigga we love to get dough (yea)
Watcha think we hustlin' fo? (watcha think I hustla fo?)
Rocking the flyest clothes (I stay fresh)
Watchu think we hustlin' fo? (watcha think I hustla fo?)
Because I'm here for my folks (dats for my fam)
Watchu think we hustlin' fo? (who think I hustla fo?)
No I ain't goin' back to being broke (neva)
And that's what I'm hustlin' fo, oh oh

Aye, aye, the real want me rich
The haters want me po' (fuck em)
Watchu tell 'em haters? (nope nope nope)
No co nigga I ain't strugglin' no mo (nope)
All them years I wuz runnin' duckin' da po po
You think I'm goin' back to that jack fuck no (fuck no)
And he ain't know how to rap and bought a studio (yeaa)
I live to stay fresh (and wuht), I kill to stay rich (ok)
In other words Ima go to war bout my shit (yup)
Wen dat I see you told ya I'd make it (yea)
No mo section 8 now we got acreage (got acres)
Gramma got dat big kitchen dat she pray fa' (watchu say?)
I hustle to live good (why?) that's what its made fo'


Aye aye, my momma jus' went in, my daddy jus' got out (ok)
These streets sumelse, daddy see wuht I'm talkin bout? (two two)
Nobody gave me shit I work so hard for err nickle (watchu say?)
Thats why I go so hard I aint sparing nah nigga (nope)
My baby just had a baby I got anotha son (yea)
You know what that mean nigga hood get off anotha mom
Scared a last place thats why I get my hustle on (why?)
So my kids ain't gotta hustle, they got trust funds (yea)
Five hundred fa da dicky cap on my head (loui)
Thinking of anotha hustle to pay my ova head (yea)
I ain't need dat benz I culdn't help it doe (fuck it)
Bought two a dem hoes thats wuht I hustle fo


Aye aye, errthing great, except fo mark he in da can (man)
But Ima go fa broke to get em out I don't give a damn (damn)
Not only do I do it for me I dot it for my fam (who else)
All my niggaz who kept it G wit me and all my fans
Thanks to you, I'm hustlin' a jit (ok)
So I'm hustlin fa us Ima keep makin' hits (keep makin hits)
I like fly shit I gotta get mine (get it)
Marathon hustle I race ya to da finish line (yea)
Hustle hustle hustle hustle grind it up (hustle, aye)
Try me Ima buss it till I bon' you up (bah bah bah bah bah)
Work the swerse, play the game for wuht it is (wuht)
Alotta clothes alotta cars and a house on da hill


Aye aye


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