Rohff - Big Ali

Rohff - Big Ali

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Dirty Hous' (Classic)
Dirty Houss (Rohff & Big Ali) [Live Urban Peace Vol. 2]


Rohff - Big Ali


Rapper Rohff made a name for himself on the French rap scene in the late '90s, both with his hip-hop collective La Mafia K'1 Fry and his own solo work. His first album, Le Code de l'Honneur, appeared in 1999, vaunting heavy beats and a smart flow, with self-aggrandizing lyrics. Taking his cue from hardcore rappers like Mobb Deep and Tupac Shakur, Rohff's second album, La Vie Avant la Mort (2001), made him famous, after the success of his single "Qui Est l'Exemple?" in 2002. With... Read more

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