The Shadowlands

Love Is Hell, 5 minutes

The Shadowlands
  • The Shadowlands


Ryan Adams

God, please bring the rain
Yeah, and bring it soon
Let it flood right through the houses
Into Judy's room
With a father on amphetamines
Her mother hides the pearls
Reach out into the darkness
And find my little girl
Because she's angry like a salesman
Who just couldn't make a sale
Threw her wedding ring in the sewer
And damned them all to Hell

Please lead her to the mountain
That you fashioned out of sand
While the roaches climb the walls
From the hotel where he calls
Most people never find a love
Most people never find a love
Sometimes you just can be a man
Sometimes you just can be a man
When you're living in the darkness
of the shadowlands
The shadowlands

Written by RYAN ADAMS
Published by BUG MUSIC

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