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Yeah.. c'mon!
Yeah, whoa, yeah, c'mon
Yeah, whoa, yeah - shake it
Yeah - shake it, yeah - shake it
Yeah - shake it, yeah - shake it
Yeah - shake it, yeah - shake it
Yeah - shake it, yeah!

[Verse One]
Hey Mr. DJ, turn the music up loud
And everybody report to the dancefloor now
Line 'em up cause we bouts to get down
Off the chain like they do it in the South
Everybody just havin a good time
Got my eyes on the guys that's here, they so fine
That's right, Sarai can get it krunk
How much junk you got in that trunk?
Come out the house, get on the street
Hear Cee-Lo, let out the 'Closet Freak'
Act a fool, you can do what you want
Get loose cause the track be that funk
Groove to the bump

Just break it down
Make the truck wobble with an extra bounce
Make it touch the ground and then RAISE IT UP
Like the garbage men do it with the dump truck

Ladies, hands up
Let me see you shake your stuff
A-be -see and D cups
Little bitty to big ol' butts
Fellas, hands high
Let me see you work it out one time
Put your body a-gainst mine
Come on baby, griiiiiiind

[Verse Two]
Uh-oh, here we go!
Time to shake that ass on the danceflo'
Jiggle that thing like Jell-O
All my rich chicks, and the girls in the ghetto
Throw it up, get krunk
Ball, 'til you fall, that's right
In the club or either bump in your ride
Slim or big-boned, don't matter yo' size
Don't matter if you black or white
All shapes and sizes spread love worldwide
How many of y'all the same color inside
So why divide? I mean there's no reason why
East coast, to the Westside
Midwest to the South we tiiight
That's fo'sho yo please believe
I'ma stay bein me ain't no changin me
Like, Trick see, "I luh da kids"
So I gotta look out for as long as I live
I'm tryin to be the best thing comin out this year
Sarai keep it trill and that's what's real
But for now


[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Verse Three]
Tube, tops, T, shirts
Blue, jeans, mini, skirts
Overtime, make it work
Wobble that ass 'til the thing hurt
Wife, beaters, throw, backs
Fitted caps, bucket hats
No matter where you from, where you at
Shake that shit like how you love dat
E-e-everybody get your boogie on
Party all night to the break of dawn, c'mon
Put your hands in the air
And wave 'em all around like ya just don't care yea
Front to the back over there
V.I.P. area, ballers upstairs
Get buck, stand on top of chairs
To the top of the lungs and let me hear OH YEAHH


[Chorus] - repeat 2X

Written by Alfieri, Vincent Thomas / Theodore, Ali Dee / Howard, Sarai M
Published by Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

Lyrics Provided By LyricFind Inc.

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