Lonesome Blues

Live At Irving Plaza 4.18.06, 4 minutes

Lonesome Blues
  • Lonesome Blues


Shooter Jennings

Another lifetime lived in a long night
I'm watching the sunrise before I lay down to sleep
Livin' at parties, watching my twenties hittin' my thirties and letting it go

But that's all I've been livin' for
When there's nothing left to lose anymore
If there's a door, I'll go through and walk right into my lonesome blues

Running my friends off
I cheat and I get caught
They tell me that I'm lost but I don't care anymore
I'm having a free mind
Living a free life
Knowing that my flight is gonna crash and burn


Writing my stories on my worst mornings
Pulling my heart strings to help me find myself
Living with my past
Smokin' up my grass
And having a good laugh just to lose myself

Written by HURT, JOHN S
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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