Your Love Is Incredible


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Your Love Is Incredible
  • Your Love Is Incredible



Uh, hmm, oh baby
Baby yeah, baby, baby listen

Girl I peeped you long ago now
So I wrote down for you every Saturday, hmm
You was peeling a banana
I was looking at you
Thinking you're freaky
(That night)
That night I got get you, got to get you
Underwear in my back right, hmm
And I can't get you out of my mind
Girl I can't get you out of,
Because you're

You're love is incredible
You can say it's unforgettable
Can't believe it's getting sexual
Cause you're love is incredible, incredible
Said you're love is incredible
You can say it's unforgettable
Can we make it more than sexual?
Cause you're love is incredible, incredible, incredible

I'm thinking about the things that you did to me
Imagining your body moving like a centipede
I want you to know that I'm ready to be
All over you body, baby you got all I need
I like the way you got the softest lips
Alright, sensuated by the way you kiss me
Oh girl I'm telling you with you is where I want to be
You know you got me crazy
Cause your loveâ?¦

Uh, uh, baby, ooh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Baby I know that you're love is incredible

Yeah baby
(Come on, uh, come on, uh, come on)

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