Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, 3 minutes

  • LAX


Snoop Dogg

"Oh, Cali?
"No doubt"

"Oh, Cali?"
"No doubt baby" [Repeat: x4]

[Snoop Dogg]
West West y'all, pile it on your plate
A little somethin' somethin' from the Golden State
Nah, we ain't like Kobe and Shaq
It's Magic and Kareem nigga, Showtime is back
True legends, two steppin' on you peasants
What y'all thought, y'all gon' need bout two vests'
Cause we he plug, I plug
Mixed shot with the slug, listen here cuh
When I dig dug, play slick and get stuck
But don't play tough boy, go and get it up
Hey yo Cube, tell me this
Why half of the homies gettin' worked by a bitch?
Then they fall in love and get hurt by a bitch
Nine months later cause got mirked by a bitch
See I'm just a nigga that ya don't wanna
Reverse the game on her, put the bitch on a corner
Welcome to California

"Oh, Cali?"
"No doubt baby"
"Oh, Cali?"
"No doubt baby"
(Welcome to Cali)
"Oh, Cali?"
"No doubt baby"
(Welcome to Cali)
"Oh, Cali?"
"No doubt baby"
(Welcome to Cali)

[Ice Cube]
Come hit the town, drop down nigga
L-A-X, top down nigga
I'm scoopin' you up, ya rollin' or what?
I know what ya came for, I'm rollin' it up
Snoop Dogg nigga, y'all hold up
Never thought Ice Cube would show up
But I'm in the studio gettin' fucked up
With a beat from Battlecat, a nigga lucked up
I got my hustle down, look and learn
See how a hot nigga, cook and burn
A nigga earn like David Stern
Mixed with Big Worm when he off that sherm
Now - bust a u-turn, come by your hood
For motherfuckers that think I went Hollywood
Pick a Coast, it got to be the West
I live out there, from the W.S. nigga


[Ice Cube]
Fell asleep on the plane, and so did he
Woke up chillin' in the LBC
I grew up in the HNC
But that ain't what I turned out to be
Understand me that I'm still a G
Who ain't never spent a day in the penitentiary
Now I'm rappin' with Snoop D-O double-G
And got the whole fuckin' world nigga lovin' me

[Snoop Dogg]
Yep yep, they love him to death
Cause he walk under water, without gettin' wet
Roll through the neighborhood without gettin' checked
So gone and so blown, are we there yet?
You wonder why I got the S on my chest
Cause I'm a motherfuckin' vet from the Wild Wild West
I used to sing "Bennie and the Jets"
Nigga so boss now I sip Henny on my jets
From the East back to the West


Written by Wallace, Christopher / Harvey, Osten S / Broadus, Calvin / Troutman, Roger / Jackson, O'Shea / Gilliam, Kevin
Published by EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, A SIDE MUSIC LLC, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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