Indian Giver

Christmas Caravan, 4 minutes

Indian Giver
  • Indian Giver


Squirrel Nut Zippers

Well, I've got a friend
Who lives across town
Every year when Christmas rolls around
He gives me my Christmas presents in a paper sack
Two hours later he wants it back
He's an Indian Giver!
I ran to my momma I was hollerin' and crying
She sent me to my poppa and I ain't lying
He gave me some advice,
It sounded all right
But you know that he took it back later that night
He's an Indian Giver!
Gonna write Santy Claus a valentine
Please Santy Claus won't you be mine?
When you bring around the presents in a 'leven foot sack
Please Mr. Santy don't take 'em back!
Don't be no Indian Giver!

Santa, is it really you?
Why, yes
I've been waiting for you all night, and look at all these presents! Are they for me, Santa?
HO HO hooold on a minute now boy. I done check my list twice and you don't get no presents
What list? Don't tell me you're takin' them back!
How 'bout this nice lump of coal?
Don't tell me you're an indian giver!
Not Santa

Written by MATHUS, JAMES
Published by Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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