His Name Is Michael

Gold, 3 minutes

His Name Is Michael
  • His Name Is Michael


Stephanie Mills

Peggy, I'm so glad you're home
Can you remember that guy I've been dating?
Well, he asked me to marry him!

I met a man so handsome
So nice, warm, and kind
And every day my life would open
With love on my mind
I've got to tell you now

A heart full of love
That is sent from above
His name is Michael
The sun shines so bright
'Cause this love is so right
It comes from Michael

Well that's just great Steph'
But you know what?

Now you don't have to tell me 'bout lovin'
Someone who's good to you
'Cause when he kisses me it's heaven
Now I can't deny what I feel inside


A heart full of love
That is sent from above
His name is Michael

The man that's gonna marry me
His name is Michael

Ooh, ooh

Tears for me
They'll never be
I love his smile so desperately
Whoo hoo, He's Michael

Peggy, does your Michael live on the boulevard?

Yeah. In the penthouse on the corner.
By the way Stephanie, does your Michael drive a red Ferrari?

Peggy, does your Michael have a cabin near the lake?

Ah, do you mean the one where you go skinny dipping under the moonlight?

Peggy, does your Michael have a birthmark on his (both gasp!)

Ooh, that's Michael!
He's my Michael

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