Some Fools Never Learn

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Some Fools Never Learn
  • Some Fools Never Learn


Steve Wariner

All my friends say, I should leave you alone.
You've got a heart like a stone, And a wonderin' eye.
And I know that they're right.
I can make up my mind, Not to see you again,
But you move through my dreams like the wind,
It's no good to pretend, It won't happen again,
Cause it'll happen again.

Some fools never learn.
Play with the fire,
And your gonna get burned.
It's only love when your loved in return.
Some fools never learn.
Some fools never learn.

And baby I tried, But I'm just not that strong,
Yes, I knew all along, But that's not enough
I was falling in love.
And you don't know it, But I came over tonight,
There was somebody's car parked outside.
Damn my eyes, Damn this heart of mine.
I drove off into the night.


Somewhere in the city tonight,
There's a girl and she's lonely like me,
She'll be easy to see.
And naturally, She'll have that look in her eyes,
She'll be feeling that way.
I see it all plain as day.
Oh, I'll never be, what she wants me to be
Oh, but lucky for me


Some fools never learn.

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