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Everyday America
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Grew up on a tight rope
Learned to smile even when I was falling down
Daddy had a hard hand, and Mama always had hope
And me and my sister couldn't wait to get out

Fell in love out of college
Good man for a bad year
Visions of sugarplums and boxes of roses
All my girlfriends cried, and I was outta here

Whoa, whoa, everybody's dreaming big
Whoa, whoa, everybody's just getting by
That's how it goes in every day America
A little town with a great big life

Joey stares at a trophy
Took us all the way to state back in '85
Shining moment and a dusty reminder
He felt so scared, never felt so alive
But now there's toys in the backyard
Daddy's boys; you know how they like to fight
When they sleep, he swears they're angels
He wouldn't trade a day for all those Friday nights


We can laugh
We can cry
We're all just looking for the reasons why
In a place of dark can we see the light
Either way it'll be alright

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

A little town with a great big life

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