Break The Glass

Destruction By Definition, 3 minutes

Break The Glass
  • Break The Glass


The Suicide Machines

There's something about myself I can't control
Yet it happens time and time again when I'm trying to be
Well I smash it down and break it down when I'm trying to be

Well it's such a shame it's sad to say there's nothing to see there
I don't want to talk about it 'cause you know I can't live without it
It's a stupid fucking shame¡­
And every time I think about it
I think I'm so lame Listen | Buy

I break the glass, I break it down (repeat 4 times)

What's your story, what's your sign.
No I can't agree
Well you know you'll never get it in this life for free
You can blow it down and break the glass

Break my heart in two
But you'd better be prepared its such a shock
There's nothing there

Fill me up because I'm empty
Why couldn't I just have kept me
You know it really fucking sucks¡­
When I try to talk about it the words seem to get stuck

[Repeat: x4]
I break the glass, I break it down


[Repeat: x4]
I break the glass, I break it down

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