We Could Make It Happen

Shapes And Patterns, 5 minutes

We Could Make It Happen
  • We Could Make It Happen


Swing Out Sister

So, if this is all there is
Here am I
In this life
In this room
In this house of dead dreams
Now, suddenly all alone
Out of mind
Out of sight
Out of touch with what happiness means

Forgotten days that were so wild and wonderful
The moon and stars were never far away

We could make it happen, we could touch the sky
(We could touch the sky)
Tomorrow's dreams are never far away
(Never far away)
We could make it happen, we could really fly
(We could really fly)
Just close your eyes and let the music play

Run 'til I can't run anymore
From each hour
From each day
Filled with emptiness since you've been gone
Words, that never passed your lips
Left unsaid
In my head
Left alone in the dark for too long
You filled my mind with brilliant colors every single day
But now the rain has washed them all away

[Chorus x 2]

Ba ba ba ba

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