You Already Know

Shapes And Patterns, 5 minutes

You Already Know
  • You Already Know


Swing Out Sister

What can fill your heart 'til it breaks
Make you dream when you're wide awake
What could fill your whole lifetime through
Though it doesn't belong to you

Whoever you are
Wherever you go
Will I meet you there
And how will I know

When you can't hear for listening
When you can't see a single thing
When you don't care what's happening
You already know

What's a feeling that can't be touched
What's a pleasure that hurts so much
Like a promise that you can't break
What can steal every breath you take

Whoever we are
Whenever we touch
Will love disappear
If we take too much


When the night doesn't let you sleep
When you can't find the words to speak
When this secret's too much to keep
You already know

And when love surrounds you
There'll be no reason to even explain
No reason to explain

What's a secret we can't keep
When a secret's too much to keep
You already know
You know when you know
You already know

When love disappears
You already know
Already know
You already know

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