I Call Your Name

20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best of Switch, 7m 35sec

I Call Your Name
  • I Call Your Name



I used to think about, immature things
You know like, do you love me, do you want me, are you gon' call me like you said you would, is this really your real phone number?
But you know, I'm a man now baby, a grown man
And I came a long way
And experience taught me one thing
Taught me to hold on to my love

[Verse 1:]
Sometimes, I just can't help thinkin' livin' without you baby
See, sometimes, I just can't live cryin' about you baby
I'm not worried 'bout a doggone thing, I'll take anything you bring
although I love the sunshine, I still like sather rain
'Cause when I'm in my lonely mood, and I just can't be with you
I tried everything to occupy my mind, and there was no substitute

Thinkin' all that life would be, when you are not around
I just could not find my way, I wouldn't even know up from down
But since I've had you in my life, all things can be found
Strong and true baby, all comin' from you ohh you
I call your name girl (whenever I am lonely baby)
I call your name (when I feel the need of love)
I think of you, and it eases the pain
Take away the strain

[Verse 2:]
'Cause I don't worry what my people say, in my life today
Although they try to say you're not the one for me, I love you anyway
'Cause their intentions might be cool, if what they say was true
But there's more to you than they can ever see, and they don't even know you


You, I call your name (sometimes, I get lonely babe)
I call your name (I just can't seem to help myself)
I think of you (When I wanted to be alone, so I'll call your, I'll call your name)
I do, you do baby, we do girl
I, I, I love you, you you love me, and and I know
Whoa ooh oh ooh oh ooh oh ooh oh ooh oh ooh oh ooh ohh
I call your name, and it eases the pain
See, I just don't feel all by myself tonight
It seem like someone else is out there, oh thinkin' upon someone else, child
So you will know where I'm comin' from
Ohh when I'm lonely, when I'm discouraged, I'll, I'll call your name baby
There is, no substitute, no one could take your place
No more than they can ever see
That's why I call your name
Oh baby, when I am lonely
When I am discouraged
I call your name girl
I think of you, and it eases the pain, take away the strain



Written by Williams, Gregory / Debarge, Robert L.
Published by EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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