T. Rex

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T. Rex


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movement, v (211010 T1) album art
  • movement, v (211010 T1)
  • July 2024
  • 5 Songs

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Bang a Gong (Get It On) [2003 Remaster]
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Get It On (Bang a Gong)
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Jeepster [2003 Remaster]
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20th Century Boy [European Broadcast version]
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Children Of The Revolution


  • movement, vi (220409 T6)

    Jun 2024 • 4 songs

  • The Gliderdrome '72

    Jun 2024 • 9 songs

  • the chemo tapes

    Mar 2024 • 7 songs

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T. Rex


The most iconic band of the U.K. glam rock scene of the '70s, T. Rex were the creation of Marc Bolan, who started out as a cheerfully addled acolyte of psychedelia and folk-rock until he turned to swaggering rock & roll with boogie rhythm and a tricked-up fashion sense. For a couple years, T. Rex were the biggest band in England and a potent cult item in the United States. If their stardom didn't last, their influence did, and T. Rex's dirty but playful attitude and Bolan's sense of style and rock star moves would show their influence in metal, punk, new wave, and alternative ...
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