Wild Out


We Are The Streets, 5m 09sec

Wild Out
  • Wild Out



Crazy time!
Whoa (My dogs)
Whoa, whoa, whoa (Okay)
Whoa, whoa (Yo, yo, yo)
Whoa (Yo, yo, yo)
Whoa (Yo)
Whoa (Yo)
Whoa, whoa

Wild out! (C'mon)
Wild out! (Uh huh)
Wild out! (If ya glad that L-O-X is Ruff Ridin' now! C'mon, n****s)
Wild out! (Who, what, what?)
Wild out! (Wild out, wild out, wild out)
Wild out! (All my n****s, throw your guns up, yo, yo)

I know n****s in the clink
That send pipe bombs through sinks
That got dough and still want to stick y'all wit' minks
Y'all would think y'all was jinxed wit' a month of bad luck
I'm that huntin' muthaf***a and guess who da duck?
I'm Elmer and you Daffy, like the Looney cartoon
But this ain't no cartoon
My bullets clear out the room
I said, "Boy, try to learn the fundamentals here, son."
Like that rooster and that chicken hawk, I teach about a gun
I place my money on one
I'll pull it out, you'll run
I wave it in front of ya, son, and both y'all is done
For God's sakes, what a n**** gotta do to make a half a million?
Must I wave it at yo' children?
Run up in yo' buildin' and go straight for the bank
Got the coke saran-wrapped at the bottom of the tank
I know those tricks
Ya suppliers, Papi and them
I know those dicks
Give me those bricks
Now, wild out, n****s

Wild out! (Uh, uh, uh, uh, yo!)
Wild out! (Okay)
Wild out! (If ya bouncin' in da club, actin' like you can't get in!)
Wild out! (What, uh)
Wild out! (Yo, yo, yo ,yo)
Wild out! (Yo, yo ,yo ,yo ,yo ,yo)

For every check I deposit, it's just a new burner in the closet
And the big one'll kill you, ya brother, and ya pops quick
Might take one slug to get y'all both
'Cause, muthaf***a, I'm a make sure I hit y'all close
And whoever's left: guaranteed he gettin' it all
'Cause his a** coulda ran when I was lookin' at y'all
I get rap money, plus I'm in the hood wit' dimes
And I ain't got no felonies
I'm good wit' crimes
Not all dat wit' macs, but I'm good wit' nines
Great wit' eights
N****, I'll heat ya face
And I got a hungry lawyer that'll eat the case
I used to cop so heavy that the block got mad
And n****s start callin' up the cops like cabs
My sixteens make n****s go to they dorm
Clock in and workout
Then come out in the mornin'
Wild out and blow a C-O jus' 'cause it's borin'
Wild out, n****

Wild out! (Yo, yo, yo)
Wild out! (Yo, yo, yo)
Wild out!
(If ya just got outta jail from doin' wild time, let's bawl out!)
Wild out! (Yo!)
Wild out! (Okay, c'mon, c'mon)
Wild out! (Uh, uh, uh, uh)

I pray to the Allah
But I'm too foul to go to the mosque
And if it's beef
I'm a murder you and go to da squad
Holiday styles
Screw n****s far as they rap
I let my shotgun ball ya bat
Make ya coffin outta ya plaques
And bring ya ice to hell
Y'all f*** around dis album
I'll do life in jail
And if you under twenty-one, you shouldn't listen to dis
You hate a n****; go and kill him while he takin' a s***
So, when the cops come and get him, he'll be makin 'em sick
So, they could feel how I feel
I had a probable cause
You know da s*** that happens when you don't follow da boss
Follow the rules
Kids get followed to school
And the thug n****s ball ya boo
Target practice was a horrible view
It's f***ed up what tomorrow can do
And these n****s feel sorrow for who?
Till we put you in da dirt, we ain't partin' wit' you
Wild out, n****s

Wild out! (Ya better back up, dog)
Wild out! (Everybody, yo, yo)
Wild out!
(If a n**** grillin' your chick, uh, and she wit' you, f*** that!)
Wild out! (Yo, what?)
Wild out!(C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, I can't hear you! C'mon)
Wild out! (If ya find ya n**** cheatin', let's go girls! C'mon now!)
Wild out! (Uh, yo!)
Wild out! (C'mon, c'mon)
Wild out! (If a n**** step on ya goddamn shoes, f*** that!)
Wild out! (Uh huh, uh huh)
Wild out! (Yo, yo, whoa!)
Wild out! (If a n**** owe you money and ain't paid ya yet, f*** that!)
Wild out! (C'mon, oh)
Wild out! (What, what!)
Wild out! (If ya workin' at a job and the boss fire you, f*** him!)
Wild out! (Uh!)
Wild out! (Yo, yo, LOX n****s, LOX n****s)
Wild out!
Wild Out!
Wild Out!
Wild Out!
(Whoa, whoa, whoa, everybody!)
Wild Out!
Wild Out!
Wild Out!

(Anybody, young n****s, dead b****es, tear it up!)
Wild Out!
Wild Out!
Wild Out!
Wild Out!
Wild Out!
Wild Out!
Wild Out!
(Who? Swiss, Swiss Beats)
(Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh)
Two thou, millennium (Millenium)
Money makin', plenty 'em
You hear that
L-O-X, L-O-X, L-O-X, we here!

Yo, kiss man
I'm tired
I'm not doin' a verse today, man
I'll do this s*** tomorrow, man
Do da hook and everything, man
Just save me sixteen bars
I'll be there tomorrow
I'm watchin' a fight and chillin
Tired, man

Written by Dean, Kasseem / Phillips, Jason T / Jacobs, Sean D / Styles, David / Dean, Darrin
Published by Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., EMI Music Publishing

Lyrics Provided By LyricFind Inc.

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