Do Somethin' Crazy


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Do Somethin' Crazy
  • Do Somethin' Crazy


The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Do something crazy for me again,
Call me up, I need a friend
Lose your mind, just one more time
I want to see you again.
Hey! Hey! Hey!...
Please look at me
I haven't been crazy since we were we
And I want to be, I want to be, now can't you see?
I want to be crazy like I used to be.
So do something crazy for me again
And we'll start our crazy love again.
Do something crazy, go out of your head
Say the crazy things that you once said.
Do something crazy, give me a break
Go out of your mind, girl, for heaven's sake.
Do something crazy 'cause I know you can
I want to see you again.
I know, I know, I know what you can do
I've seen you in action, and I know it's true.
And I was crazy at one time too
But the craziest thing I ever did was losing you (4x)
"Hello... no no he's not home right now...
Hello, no Bonesy's not here right now
Look I'm waiting for a phone call, just call later?"
Pick up the phone! I'm so goddamn alone
Please name the place and date
Well use the dial, it's been a while
I really just can't wait
Do something crazy come on now
Do something crazy well I want to

[Repeat: x7]
Do something crazy

come on

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