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Diamond Days, 3m 28sec

John Lennon
  • John Lennon


The Outfield

A soul full of anger - but nothing to show
A world wrapped in cotton - but nowhere to go
Obsessed by a woman that you didn`t know
Don`t turn around - don`t turn around

Torn between lovers - both mothers as well
A mind a prison - a heart in a cell
If only the screams could be heard from this hell
Don`t turn around - don`t turn around

You were surprised by a girl in the sky
who changed everyone
And as your life became so mystified
There was a lonely heart - left by the side

Tomorrow could never be just one more day
Confused by an image - refusing to stay
The child in your mind always wanted its way
Don`t turn around - don`t turn around

Then on a day in your life
still remembered by everyone
There was a man with a gun at his side
You and your monkey had nowhere to hide

He was the man that was sent from the rye
Don`t turn around - don`t turn around

So many things on his mind
I`m not sure if he knew
Why he blew you away
I can`t decide if it`s true
What he thought on that day

Don`t be afraid when the day turns to night
Don`t be ashamed when I turn out the lights
Call out my name and I`d hold you so tight
Don`t turn around - don`t turn around

Written by J SPINKS

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