The Ronettes

Baby, I Love You

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Baby, I Love You
  • Baby, I Love You


The Ronettes

If you want my lovin', if you really do,
Don't be afraid baby (just ask me),
Ya know I'm gonna give it to you.
Oh, and I do declare (I do!)

I want to see you with it.
Stretch out your arms, little boy, you're gonna get it
'Cause, I love you, baby,baby, baby I love you.
There ain't no doubt about it, baby: I love you.

(Baby, baby, baby, I love you)
I love ya, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya,babyIlove ya.
If you feel you want to kiss me
Go right ahead I don't mind.

All you got to do is snap you fingers
And I'll come runnin', I ain't lyin' (I ain't lyin')
And Oh!
What ya want, little boy, ya know ya got it

I deny myself before I see you without it
'Cause I love you, baby, baby, baby I love you
Ain't no doubt about it baby: I love you.
(Baby, baby, baby, I love you)

I love ya, I love ya, I love ya , I love ya,babyIlove ya.
So deal my world around away
And leave me sittin' here to cry.
But if it's all the same to ya baby

I'm gonna stop ya from sayin' goodbye (goodbye)
Oh baby I love ya (baby, baby I love ya)
Baby I need ya (baby, baby)
I said I want ya (baby, baby)

Well, I want ya (baby, baby)
Maybe I don't want ya (baby, baby)
Won't let you lose everything...

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