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  • Unbelievable


Tracie Spencer

Sittin' all alone
It's a quarter to three
And I can't sleep tonight, sleep tonight
Oh no, baby
On and on, faint lovin' memories
And I'm just breakin' down, breakin' down
'Cause you're not around

Seems like only yesterday
Since my baby went away
We could've lasted a lifetime
So tell me who's to blame

Did you really have to lie to me?
Did I really make you unhappy?
So unbelievable, baby
How could you walk away from me?
Did you see the tears that I cried?
Did you really mean to say goodbye?
I have a pain that burns so deep
So deep I cannot breathe, baby

Time to close the door
And mend this broken heart of mine
I'll be movin' on
Oh, this love is long gone
It's not a game that we should've played
This crowded room is an empty space
But I'll be okay
It's alright, alright, alright, baby



I hope in time you'll find
'Cause lovin's all I tried
I've tried to give you all of me
So I set you free, baby
See now I'm stronger
So don't be mad at me


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