Better Man, Better Off

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Better Man, Better Off
  • Better Man, Better Off


Tracy Lawrence

The hardest thing I'll ever do
Is to walk away still loving you
I'd give anything if you loved me
But somethings just ain't meant to be

Can't say it's all been time lost
In the Long Run, I'll be a Better Man, Better Off

Gonna find my pride, self esteem, get on with my life
follow my dreams, ain't' lookin' back
Learn from my mistakes, once I'm past this heartache
I know when the hurting stops, I'll Be a Better Man, Better Off

I know Rome wasn't built in a day
And there's a lot of good memories in my way
If I had it to do over again
I wouldn't change a thing, except for the end

Gonna be some pain, gotta pay the cost
But in the long run, I'll be a Better Man, Better Off


I'm gonna learn from my mistakes
Once I'm past the heartache
I know when the hurting stops
A Better Man
A whole lot better off

Written by JONES/DAVIS
Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, THE MUSIC FORCE LLC

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