Where Corn Don't Grow

The Restless Kind, 3m 29sec

Where Corn Don't Grow
  • Where Corn Don't Grow


Travis Tritt

As we sat on that front porch of that old grey house where I was born and raised

Staring at the dusty fields where my Daddy work hard every day

I think it kinda hurt him when I said "Daddy there's a lot that I don't know, but don't you ever Dream about a life where corn don't grow?"

He just sat there silent staring at his favorite coffee cup
I saw a storm of mixed emotions in his eyes, when he looked up

He said "Son I know at your age, seems like this old world is turnin slow, and you think you'll Find the answer to it all, where corn don't grow"

Hard times are real, there's dusty fields no matter where you go,
But you may change your mind, cause the weeds are high, where corn don't grow.

I remember feeling guilty when Daddy turned and walked back in the house
I was only seventeen back then, but I thought I knew more than I know now.

I can't say he didn't worn me, this city life's a hard road to hold
Ain't it funny how a dream can turn around, where corn don't grow


You may change your mind, whoa the weeds are high, where corn don't grow.

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