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Last Night

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Last Night
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Vanessa Hudgens

All I want, is to be part of your weekend
All I need is a little bit of your time
Baby I'm your girl and I need some attention
When you would know me, I'd just loose my mind

I, ain't gonna bug about you going out last night
No, baby I know, that I'm the only one in your sight
But please don't tell me nothing!

I don't wanna know what you did last night
I don't wanna hear that you had a good time
I don't wanna know if it's all before a lie
I don't wanna feel like I had to be there
I don't wanna know about the other girls there
I just wanna know when you're around you're mine

I don't think that I'm being obsessive
I don't think that I'm being out of line
You got you're space and I ain't here to be selfish
You need yours baby, and I need mine

I'm doing just fine as long as we see eye to eye
(You with me?)
No no, there ain't nothing wrong with going out and having a good time


I just don't wanna picture you
Out meeting someone new
Baby got my mind going wild
I know your love is true
But what you gonna do?
All I need is a sign
Cause I'm so jealous
Oh, I'm so jealous
Oh, I be jealous
Don't mess me up
Where you're loving with


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