Ain't Leavin' Your Love

Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark - Together At The Bluebird Café, 3 minutes

Ain't Leavin' Your Love
  • Ain't Leavin' Your Love


Townes Van Zandt

Mister Gator he's a-glidin' down the bayou
Mister Buzzard he's a-slidin' through the air
Mister Turtle be a-hittin' the highway
I ain't goin' nowhere

I ain't leavin you love, babe
I ain't leavin you love, babe
Not for heaven above, babe
I ain't leavin you love, babe

The poor man got him an airplane
Tryin to cruise across the traffic jam
The rich man got him a Chevrolet
I'm stayin' right where I am

Now Hannibal he climbed the mountains
Cleopatra danced down the Nile
Lucky Lindy made it all the way to gay Paris
I'm stayin right here awhile

Written by T. VAN ZANDT
Published by BUG MUSIC

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