Ambient Heaven - Seascape, 7 minutes

  • Seascape


Amazing Blondel

Strains of delight come greet my ears
Such music sweet can ease all fears
As windy waves upon the shore
Do calm the cormorant by their roar

Wistfully watching I wonder
As ships go out to sea
At mariners yonder
And how their lives must be
With oceans to wander coves of tranquility
Oh none could be fonder
Of his sailors life than he

Sights of beauty come soothe my eyes
Paint pictures pure to flay disguise
Uncharted coastlines to appraise

Through foul or fair
All tempests you'll bear
Yet show not a care
For the danger you're in
You leave all behind
Trade kin and your kind
For capstan to wind
And a yarn to spin

Idyll of grandeur excite my mind
Conjure up peace with adventure entwined
Crystal clear fathoms and myriad wrecks
Attired in booty arrayed on their decks

Written by GLADWIN, JOHN
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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