Creepy Reflection In Mirror In Couple's Selfie Terrifies The Internet

By Dave Basner

July 16, 2020

A couple posted a selfie on Twitter that you would never even think twice about... unless you look at what's in the mirror behind them. 

It's a reflection of the pair and in it, you see the girl's smiling face... the only problem is she is looking at the camera so you should only see the back of her head.

Obviously, the Internet is freaking out over the photo.  

The guy who posted it was clearly aware of what was in the photo, captioning it, "I love my girlfriend even if she's a gemini." Gemini, of course, is the astrological sign that's represented by a pair of twins, and one characteristic of Geminis is that they can be two-faced. 

It's not the first time a photo like this has made the rounds either. There was a glass door reflection that creeped everyone out last year.

The pictures, of course, have most likely been Photoshopped... we hope.

Photo Credit: Twitter/itsthemans

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