Tattoo Artist Under Fire For What He Did To His Cat

By Dave Basner

March 14, 2020

A Russian tattoo artist known only as Aleksandr has upset animal rights activists and pet lovers after he drugged and tattooed his Sphynx cat.

Aleksandr inked four large tats on his cat Demon's sides and chest. They show a prison tower, a woman and a cigarette, all tattoos typically seen on criminals to show seniority in a gang, prison time served and the severity of crimes. 

Before tattooing his pet, Aleksandr dosed him with anesthetic so the kitty wouldn't feel pain, but did admit that he might not have been doing the right thing.

According to England's Mirror, the tattooist said, "Of course I feel pity for doing it to him. It's not like he wanted to do it himself... I hope it is not too bad for him, it is not his first tattoo. Usually he feels fine and recovers from the anesthesia pretty fast."

Other tattoo artists have come to Aleksandr's defense, pointing out how tattooing a cat is no worse than a farmer branding his livestock. However animal activists say that the cat was likely in a lot of pain since Sphynxes are very sensitive and too much anesthesia can affect its heart.  

Photo: Facebook

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