Joe Jonas Admits He Was Envious Of Nick's Solo Success

February 23, 2017

Joe Jonas was able to successfully walk away from his JoBro past with the emergence of DNCE in 2015, but that doesn't mean that the singer didn't feel envious over the rising solo success of his brother Nick [Jonas].

Jonas served up the heat for the spring issue of Gotham magazine and had a rather candid conversation about his own success, detailing how he took a different path than his younger sibling. "I'm envious at times, watching his artistry and how he went so quickly into creating music and an album," told the magazine of Nick. "But I also knew that it was important to take time for myself to be able to figure out what exactly I wanted to do next… now we're able to support each other from afar."

Fans of the pre-DNCE Joe will also be happy to know he also spoke about the release of Fastlife, his own 2012 solo LP. "I'm very proud of the music that I was able to create, but I think at the time it was a lot of cooks in the kitchen when it came to making the music," he admitted. "I look back now, and I’m glad I went through that, because I would be in the same position [now] that I was then, where I’d be trying to go the Justin Timberlake route. It wasn’t what I felt most comfortable doing.”

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