Nicky Jam Performed An Acoustic Set, Talked About Meeting J.Lo & More

By Dee Trillo

June 2, 2017

Nicky Jam gave an exclusive live performance and Q&A session at our iHeartRadio studios in New York City on June 2nd. Hosted by iHeartRadio personality Enrique Santos, Nicky sang during an acoustic set, talked about his music, and shared candid moments with the audience.

Talking about his life as a bilingual singer, he says: 

“I was born and raised in the States and left to Puerto Rico when I was 10 years old. So, I think in Spanish, beause it’s been 20 years since I’ve been in Puerto Rico.”

During our live show, Nicky impressed the audience with his vocal skills. Accompanied simply by 2 back-up singers, a very talented guitarist, and a percussionist, he showed just how beautiful Latin music is; probing once again why he is one of the most recognized talents within the Latin industry.

“I feel a connection to you guys,” said Nicky Jam to our iHeartRadio private audience. “Many times, you are in a huge concert and the audience is so far away. There’s a wall between you and I, plus 10 big guys separating us. I like this,” he added.  

During the Live Q&A, he also talked about many topics including his affinity and love for Colombia; a country where he sought refuge when he was struggling with personal issues that led him to addictions, and retiring from music and public life for a while.

He says that is one of the reasons why most of his musicians are from Medellin, Colombia. Reveals:

 “Colombia adopted me. I was an orphan, it took me in, gave me love, gave me food, and it gave me a second chance in my career. It gave me these brothers that work with me, and they are warriors, and I respect them very much.”

His visual album Fenix has been a success garnering over 1 billion YouTube views, multiple platinum discs, and placing him at the top of Billboard’s Latin Top 100 Chart. 

He admitted how excited and honored he was to collaborate with artists such as Jennifer López, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, J Balvin, Wisin, and more.

Talking about JLo, with no disrespect to his wife, he confessed he was taken back when he met her, saying:

“I won’t lie, I saw her and I was starstruck. In awe for like 30 minutes. She starts to dance and I’m a guy, you know what I mean? Marc was like 'Hey Nicky, stop watching her dance and get to work.'”

He added:

“She is very professional and she loves music, so she makes you enjoy everything that you do with her. She's amazing, so talented. It's an honor for me that I can cross that off my list and say I worked with her.”

Besides his musical talent, Nicky Jam has participated in movies like the XXX franchise, his new biopic El Ganador which he will be starring in, his new clothing and accessory line, and a new series on YouTube Red.

He shares that he loves acting and directing, adding: “This crazy series we will be doing talks about a guy who cleans windows and receives an inheritance from his grandfather in Colombia, and turns out to be a Barbershop. I get there, and it's all a mess and then my grandfather’s ghost shows up and talks to me. It's going to be very interesting.”   

Nicky Jam

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