Girl's Epic Response To Guy's Unsolicited Nude Pic is What We Should All Do

By Dave Basner

June 27, 2017

21-year-old Rebecca McGregor is a lingerie model and photographer, and for some reason, certain men think that is an open invitation to send her unsolicited nude photos. 

However, Rebecca has found a way to fight back - by forwarding the photos to the guys' moms.  

Are you tired of unsolicited dick pics from creeps????? Unwanted vulgar chat from strangers you've never spoken to??????...

Posted by Rebecca Mcgregor on Sunday, June 18, 2017

While it is an amazing response to awful photos, the saddest part of it is in her posting, Rebecca has to state, "Because my style of photography is boudoir photography does NOT mean I'm 'asking' to be sexually harassed."

In another post, McGregor defended herself saying:

"If my accounts are pubic it is because I'm looking for local business'/local people/anyone looking for a photographer to hire me NOT because I'm looking for a select few CREEPS to expose themself to me because I either wear certain clothing or take photos of models wearing certain clothing. My profile does NOT say 'I want these pictures' In fact I STATE CLEARLY on my profile and previous posts I DONT want them sent to me. Don't complain when they get sent to your fam because you didn't listen to me so the only other option I have left is to have your fam speak to you and educate if not re-educate you that when someone says NO it means NO."

No word on how the guy's mom responded. 

Chat About Girl's Epic Response To Guy's Unsolicited Nude Pic is What We Should All Do

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