INTERVIEW: Desus & Mero Talk LaVar Ball, Male Rompers & More At NBA Awards

By Isha Thorpe

June 27, 2017

iHeartRadio spoke to Desus and Mero on the red carpet at the first ever NBA Awards and the conversation had us dying of laughter. 

The comedic duo was full of energy when they spoke to us. When iHeartRadio asked them if they were exited for the big night, Desus said: "Not very. I've been to more popular stuff, this isn't that nice... Nah, I'm kidding. I'm very excited. When they invited us, we were like, 'Uh, are you sure?' It's like people actually know us here. And there's mad celebrities and we're trying to be mad cool."

He continued: "Yo, we talk about a lot of celebrities on our show and now we're in the same room as them. So, they might run up." Mero added: "Yeah. That's why I got my pants ... I got a little flexibility in the crotch area." Desus followed: "You might have a little Migos/Chris Brown action back here."

The two also spoke about NBA athletes' style. When asked why they believe these ball-playing stars always so swagged-out, Mero said: "I've been told by other NBA players [that] people come to them like: 'Yo, let me style you because these are young, black men and that's where poppin' culture comes from?" Desus jumped in: "Also, it's hard to find a well fitting outfit if you're like 6'7. Then, if you don't have any money and now your 6'7 and you shopping at City Trends, you're not getting a good outfit. You might get the suit [that] you can afford [at] like 100 dollar suit. So, when they start gettin' money, they're like: 'Yo, I'm gonna look right.'"

They also spoke about NFL player Cam Newton "inventing" the male romper. "Look at Cam Newton, perfect example," Mero said. "Every outfit is a meme. He came out with a romper, he invented the romper. I don't know if he was a trendsetter or he was just early. You can be early to some s**t and then end up not being a trend."

Desus and Mero also touched on controversial NBA dad LaVar Ball. Mero started: "Yo, as a father of four, I love LaVar Ball because he is ultra-confident and he knows that his three kids are gonna end up in the NBA because it's just the matter of fact because they're the Ball boys."

He continued: "And all they do is ball. So, I respect that s**t to the fullest. I'm there all the way for him. I'm not mad at him at all." Desus added: "At first, I wasn't a fan of him. I thought he was loud and obnoxious. But now, I'm just seeing he's just a pops that really loves his kids and believes in them. It's kinda sad that you're not allowed to do that, nowadays. That speech he gave at the draft kinda made me choke up. I [was] like, 'Yo, if someone would've had my back like that, I would accomplish a lot more in life." 

Photo: Getty Images

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