INTERVIEW: Meek Mill Explains How Life's 'Wins and Losses' Helped Him Grow

By Isha Thorpe

July 21, 2017

Meek Mill released his third studio album, Win and Losses, on Friday (July 21) and it’s his most personal project to date.

When fans first heard what his new album was going to be called, they immediately began wondering what on earth the rapper would be speaking about on it. Jokes about all of the Ls he caught on social media started spreading like wildfire. But, the new album is much more serious than that. On Wins and Losses, listeners will be able to see the growth Meek’s experience in recent years.

By speaking about these two things that has shaped him into the man that he is today, Meek illustrates what he faced in his life through rhymes. The Philly rapper also added a special twist to this release by dropping an accompanying Wins and Losses movie, as well, which has been chopped up into a number of different chapters. He’s making sure that we get the full picture.

Prior to the release of Wins and Losses, Meek dropped a few tracks that are featured on the project, too. "Whatever You Need" features Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign and "Y.B.A" features The-Dream. We’ve also peeped his music video for "Issues." Meek is back in full effect since dropping 2015’s Dreams Worth More Than Money and better than ever before.

iHeartRadio spoke to Meek about all of the Wins and Losses he’s faced and how they’ve helped him mature. 

Check out our interview with the rapper below. You can cop his album here.

Why did you name your new album Wins and Losses?

I named the title of my album Wins and Losses [because] I wanted to give the fans my perspective on wins and losses, and my trials and tribulations, and what made me be the person I am today. In this album, I'm really speaking on a lot of things I've been through in the last few years. So, [I] just [want] to give people my side of the story.

Were there any songs that were too difficult or emotional to write?

None of the songs I recorded [were] really difficult to write because the most emotional songs, they're like the easiest to write. If I'm emotional about them, it's easier for me to pour out my feelings into a track and just make it rhyme.

You’re also releasing a movie with the album. What do you want it to illustrate to your fans?

Yeah, we [are] releasing a movie to the album. It's called 'Wins and Losses.' It's a short film where we [are] basically breaking down the dynamics of the ghetto. It's a young kid [and] we [are] breaking down the things that turned him to a gangsta in the street. It wasn't by choice; it was by environment [and] influence. I just wanted to show the world [what] some of these young guys go through that get them in the positions that they [are] in today.

What something extra did the featured artists on the album bring to the table?

As far as features, I got Young Thug on one of the features called "We Ball." He's doing a melodic -- we call it hood gospel -- where we got a melody to it, but we [are] actually talking some real s**t, some emotional s**t. I got Guordan [Banks] and Future on something called "These Scars." Guordan is always soulful. Future, he [is] known for the trap type of music. But this time, he come in and he [is] spitting some real lyrics.

What are some of the biggest wins in your life? What are some losses?

Some of the biggest wins in my life… when I got signed to Maybach Music. It actually was a loss when I caught my case. But, I diverted [it] into a win because I just used it as my motivation to overcome anything. We [were] locked down in cells, 23 hours a day, going through real life hell. So, when I got out, I just wanted to use that as my motivation and make it a win.

Some of my biggest losses…I would say my biggest loss is when I lost Lil Snoop. It was like the first time I [saw] somebody with that much potential lose [their] life in the blink of an eye. [It] was almost unbelievable. Another big loss when I lost my father, my cousins, my little family members. They [were] losses that I couldn't reverse or do anything about it.

Which do you think helps you grow more: wins or losses?

I think wins and losses help me grow more. Losses, I always use them as lessons and reevaluate myself. [I] think about how I can come back better and stronger. Wins, I use [them] as motivation and my inspiration to just double up because where we come from, we ain't never believe in believing. So, anything I accomplish, it just secures my confidence to succeed more. I use wins and losses as a trampoline.

What do you want people to see and understand about the new, more mature Meek Mill?

I think people are going to see the maturity in my music [by] the way I'm talking, the way I'm flowing, expressing myself better. [I’m] just not using anger most times. Sometimes on this new album, being vulnerable and expressing my real feelings and showing people both sides, I ain't just showing them the tough side of me. I'm showing them the emotional side, the wiser side, the more mature side. So, I think they'll see growth in it.

Photos: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio

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