Chef Tells People With Fake Food Allergies To STFU

March 17, 2019

Photo: Getty Images

Chefs have to put up with a lot of requests from their customers and usually have no problem making accommodations, but one cook in Australia has had it with people who claim to have food allergies but are really just dieting.  

To illustrate his point, Patrick Friesen posted some dinner orders from the restaurant where he works, the Queen Chow, that show customers wanting foods that they are "allergic" to. He wrote under the photo:

"Can people with dietary requirements start knowing what you can and can’t eat? Shellfish allergy but loves oyster sauce. Gluten free but loves gluten as long as it’s not a piece of bread. Vegetarians that love a chicken wing. Pescatarians who eat chicken. Sort your s**t out and let your waiter know. You make it really damn hard for people with actual allergies and dietaries to go out to eat."

Almost all of the hundreds of comments on the post are supportive and many come from people with real allergies, who wrote things like: 

"Eating out has become a nightmare. I have celiac disease and can't have gluten. Also a shellfish allergy. I'm always so careful. My friend is not eating gluten suddenly bc it's better for her , then she orders beer! Which by the way is full of gluten! Makes me look like celiac disease is a fad."and 

"As a celiac and someone who gets very sick from eating gluten, it's frustrating when people pretend - gluten allergy but okay with soy sauce? That's not right. It makes it difficult to eat out sometimes because people don't take you seriously, even though for me it is serious"and

"It is so hard for people to believe us when we have actual allergies. I can now understand why! For me it is all fishes. I can eat shellfish! Imagine how hard it is to explain and for people to understand that even the smell can be lethal for me! Thank you Mr Friesen to help us out!"

Be mindful of real allergy sufferers the next time you dine out!

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