Think Booze Is Your Muse? Scientists Think You're Right

By Elizabeth Armstrong Moore

August 13, 2017

People who claim to be more creative after a pint may be onto something after all, according to researchers studying the age-old assumption. 

A team at the University of Graz in Austria reports in the journal Consciousness and Cognition that among the 132 young adults they studied, the ones who drank a beer performed better on experiments testing creativity. 

The team used two tests that measure creativity, per Pacific Standard. In one, participants tried to come up with a word to link three seemingly unrelated words, ie, cheese to link cake, blue, and cottage. They did this 10 times. In the other, they had 2.5 minutes to list as many creative uses for everyday objects as possible, say a shoe or umbrella. Then, half the participants had a beer (men had a pint, women had 12 ounces, for a blood alcohol content of about 0.03) and half had a placebo before taking the tests again.

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