Pilot Trades 'Kidney for Lasagna'

By Evann Gastaldo

August 12, 2017

Four years ago, the home of Alaska Airlines pilot Jodi Harskamp burned down. Alaska Airlines flight attendant Jenny Stansel was one of the first people to come by, with a lasagna in hand. 

"She said, 'you don’t know me but here is some love,'" Harskamp recalls to ABC News. The two became friends, and four years later, when Stansel's chronic kidney disease got so bad she needed a kidney transplant, Harskamp stepped up. 

"All of the people say wow, kidney for lasagna, that a huge trade," Harskamp jokes. Adds Stansel, "It was made with love, it was a really good lasagna." Now, almost five months after the successful March transplant, both the captain and the flight attendant are back to work in the skies.

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