The Future of Streaming Looks a Little 'Annoying'

By Arden Dier

August 11, 2017

Netflix users won't get to watch the sequel to Frozen unless they sign up for Disney's own streaming service launching in 2019. For some, that might be a big deal. But there are far bigger consequences being discussed as a result of Disney's announcement this week. 


  • Bye-bye bundles? The move "won't kill off the cable industry" but it "could make bloated pay-TV bundles obsolete," writes David Lazarus at the Los Angeles Times. He calls Disney's venture "the most significant advance for cord-cutting" since the launch of HBO Now, given that Disney houses hugely popular brands including Pixar, Marvel Studios, and Lucasfilm.
  • Not completely gone: Reuters notes, however, that discussions are underway between Disney and Netflix that could see Marvel and Star Wars films remain on Netflix after 2019.

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