Judge Throws Out Former Radio DJ's Case Against Taylor Swift

By James Dinh

August 14, 2017

Taylor Swift can shake off some of the legal drama in her lawsuit by former radio DJ David Mueller as the case has been thrown out.

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On Friday (August 11), U.S. District Judge William Martinez determined that the pop icon "did not act improperly" by reporting Mueller’s alleged groping during a 2013 M&G session before her Denver concert. The judge declared that there was insufficient evidence that Swift was responsible for his firing from country station KYGO-FM, which took place just two days after the incident. Still, the allegations that Mueller claimed against Swift’s mother, Andrea Swift, and her radio handler, Frank Bell, will go to the jury.

"Having two daughters, a son, a wife of 32 years, I couldn’t be more proud to represent someone like Taylor Swift who is willing to step up in a situation like this," Swift's attorney, Doug Baldridge, told Entertainment Tonight.

Expect one final update from the Swift lawsuit as her countersuit against Mueller (for the amount of $1 for assault and battery) still stands and will be deliberated by a judge later today.

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