BUCK: Hillary Clinton IS NOT Feeling the Bern

By Team Buck Staff

September 7, 2017

Buck Sexton weighed-in on Hillary Clinton’s never-ending blame game on Wednesday night, blasting the two-time failed Presidential hopeful for her list of excuses as to why she lost to President Trump last fall.

Speaking on ‘America Now,’ Buck read excerpts from Hillary’s upcoming memoir, where the former Secretary of State blames BERNIE SANDERS for her surprise election defeat.

“She’s back and she’s writing a book as you know,” said Sexton. “She’s got a book out as you know, it’s called ‘What Happened,’ and she is […] going after the Bern.”

“In this, she claims that Bernie was -more or less- promising to buy everybody a pony, everyone gets a pony. That Bernie Sanders running against Hillary Clinton was the equivalent of the high-school student council President who promises no homework and Jacuzzis in every locker-room,” said Buck.

“It’s a great way to get elected, and that’s what Bernie Sanders was doing. ‘Free college, free this, free that, the rich will pay.’ Of course, the rich already pay a whole lot when it comes to taxes,” he added. “But Bernie was promising that there were going to be a lot of benefits for folks. How would the math work out? Who knows.”

“Hillary is upset about this,” Buck said.

“Hillary’s got a million excuses. She’s got so many excuses […] She’s held up still as a great stateswoman and a paragon of virtue. The democrats still have this real affection for Hillary even though she was a two-time Presidential aspirant loser,” said Sexton.

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