BUCK: Trump 'Goes Rogue' On Deal with Democrats

By Team Buck Staff

September 8, 2017

Speaking on ‘America Now,’ host Buck Sexton weighed-in on President Trump’s bipartisan deal with democratic leaders earlier this week, saying the President’s supporters are “with him all the way” and have had enough of the McConnell-Ryan “smooth-talking, inside the beltway” GOP establishment.

“[There are] People who are saying Trump is now a democratic president. That is being written, it’s being said,” said Buck. “The whiplash that some people feel right now with him saying nice things about Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer; give it a week, give it a month.”

“One thing we know about Trump, when he goes rogue, he goes rogue bigly,” he added. “Whatever he says now about this, it’s not going to matter for what Trump decides to do down the line.”

“If you voted for Trump, you’re with him on this all the way. I suppose the mentality on some level is that you just want to see it through. We know what the alternative is. We’ve seen the McConnell-Ryan Republican party in action for quite some time,” said Sexton.

“First, there’s its inability to win a presidential election, at least up against Barack Obama for two election cycles. Then there’s also the broken promises. Then there’s also Obamacare repeal that just didn’t happen. That’s not on Trump, that’s on the slick, smooth-talking, inside the beltway, we know what’s up, we know the parliamentary procedures GOP folks. They’re the ones who didn’t do that,” said Buck.

“So, I think a lot of Trump supporters see this situation, and say to themselves, ‘Let’s see if he can make this happen,” he added.

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above!

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