Mom Who Was Bullied Because Of Dark Birthmark Learns To Love Her Skin

By June Rivers

September 17, 2017

When Marissa Dees was born, doctors were completely baffled by her appearance. Not only had they never seen anything like her before, they also told her parents she wouldn’t survive through the night.

Marissa was diagnosed with congenital melanocytic nevus, a very rare condition that causes dark, hairy skin and moles to penetrate the skin and wrap around bones and tissue. Since the affected skin put her at risk of a fatal melanoma, she started undergoing frequent surgeries at just 6 months old!

Throughout her childhood, Marissa was relentlessly bullied over her appearance. Her peers called her horrible names like “Dalmation” and spread rumors that she was part dog. She’d cover up her skin at all costs.

Over the years, the now 28-year-old stay-at-home mom from Florida has had over 30 operations to rid herself of the hairy black “nevus” that stretches from her head to her bottom. As a result, from behind, she says she looks like a burn victim.

In April 2017, Marissa’s friend passed away from stage 4 melanoma, brought on by the same condition. This was exactly the wake-up call she needed to gain a whole new perspective.

Marissa started to bare it all for the camera… and in turn, she has inspired people all over the world, while spreading awareness about this highly dangerous condition.

She has completely defied the doctors’ expectations.

Meet Marissa in the link below, and please SHARE her survival story with your friends on Facebook.

Photo: Little Things

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