Blac Chyna is Trying to Become a Rapper

September 20, 2017

You haven’t heard the last of Blac Chyna… In fact, she might be infiltrating your radio waves in the near future. According to the New York Post’s Page Six, Chyna is attempting to become a rapper, and guess what? The industry is ready to give her rhymes a reason. Page Six reports that a cynical source says, “Yes, she is trying to rap, and no it’s horrible… 

All the majors are listening, and, sadly, she will likely get a deal. If she lands it, someone will be stupid enough to give her a seven-figure advance.” We guess record labels believe Chyna’s popularity from her involvement with the Kardashians and reality TV will help her sell enough records to warrant a deal. Page Six reports, Chyna has already turned down one deal with a major label because she “wants the music to be right.” We’re not sure when Chyna’s music will debut, but we’re sure it’ll be everywhere when it does.

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