Chester Bennington's Son Draven Opens Up About The Loss Of His Father

By Sam Valorose

September 20, 2017

Chester Bennington's 15-year-old son Draven detailed the night he found out about the death of his father, his last memories of the late Linkin Park frontman, and how he copes with the trauma in an extended interview with therapist Angelica Guajardo for National Suicide Prevention Week. 

Bennington's family has been very vocal during National Suicide Prevention Week (September 6–12), with his widow Talinda Bennington starting the #MakeChesterProud and #FDepression social media campaign to unite and support people battling mental health issues. Draven also shared a powerful message to those struggling with suicidal thoughts.

"It was shocking, I didn't really expect it," Draven revealed in the interview when asked about his initial response to the tragic news. "(It) still doesn't feel like it actually happened, maybe he's on vacation, maybe he'll pop back up." 

When asked how he copes with the sudden loss of his father, Draven said, "it never really leaves my mind but I try to distract myself with friends." He continues, "I listen to songs just to hear his voice."

He also revealed a side of Chester that most would not see when asked about what he remembered most about his father. "Up at the cabin, he'd put on his toe shoes, bucket hat, cargo shorts, and white tank top and just like goof around." 

Draven also shared powerful advice to those dealing with a huge loss, "take it slow, as slow as possible. Really, it's time." He also revealed his father was able to hide his battle with depression, proven by the video posted by Talinda Bennington of him smiling and laughing hours before his death. "He was really good at hiding it. I saw him a week before and I would not be able to tell that one thing was different," Draven said. "Now after it happened, I kind of think it was planned because I saw him the week before." 

Watch Draven's powerful full interview above. 

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