American Woman and Family Released by Afghan Captors After 5 Years

By Sam Dorman

October 12, 2017

UPDATE: The family is now refusing to board a flight to the United States. According to Fox News, Josh Boyle, is worried that if he returns to the U.S. he will end up in Guantanamo Bay due to his previous marriage to the sister of a man who spent ten years in the notorious prison for killing a U.S. special forces medic. 

INJOOn Thursday, the Pakistani government announced that its military participated in an operation that freed an American woman and her family from years of captivity under a Taliban-affiliated network.

The Pakistani military cooperated with U.S. intelligence, which discovered that the family's captors, who were part of the Haqqani network, crossed the Afghanistan-Pakistan border on Oct. 11.

As Fox News reported, the captors took 32-year-old Caitlan Coleman and her husband, Josh Boyle, hostage in 2012 when Coleman was seven months pregnant. By the time of their release, the family had three children with them, two of which seemed to appear in a 2016 video with their mother, who pleaded for help.

“My children have seen their mother defiled,” Coleman reportedly said. She pleaded with former President Barack Obama not to “become the next Jimmy Carter,” who was president during the Iran hostage crisis.

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