Niall Horan Talks Dating Life, Performs 'Too Much To Ask' On 'Ellen'

By Holly Nicol

October 20, 2017

Niall Horan appears on Friday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where he talks about his current dating life and performs “Too Much To Ask,” the latest single from his new album “Flicker.” Watch the videos below!

During the interview, the former One Director star talks about embarking on a new chapter in his career as a solo singer. On being nominated for “Best Solo Artist” at this year’s American Music Awards, Horan jokes about being placed in the category and explains how it feels to now consider himself as a “new” performer. “I guess in some ways yes, some ways no. I’ve been around for a while,” he says.

Predictably, DeGeneres goes on to ask the singer about his current dating life, prompting the star to admit he’s single. “It’s always a dating question on this. Something that I struggled with when I was younger was having a girlfriend and being on the road at the same time,” Horan says. He continues, “But I was 18, 19, going around the world with some of my best friends. This time, I’m a little bit more mature, I think. We’ll see what happens, I’m kind of enjoying it for what it is right now, I’m in my mid-twenties, having a laugh.”

What’s more, the talk show host asks the star if he regularly keeps in touch with his former One Direction bandmates. “Louis came to my show in L.A. a couple of weeks ago, I’m going to see Liam next week, seeing Harry this week, we see each other all the time,” he shares. Of course, while Horan is talking, a staff member dressed as Harry Styles jumps out to scare him. “Why is it not just straight forward on this show?!” he jokes. Check out the videos below, and watch Horan’s performance of his latest single “Too Much To Ask.”

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