PHOTOS: 10 Of Diddy's Realest Quotes About Money

November 4, 2017

Diddy is one of the wealthiest artists in the music industry (he’s worth $820 million this year). Of course, over the past few decades the rapper has had a thing or two to say about his wealth. First, let’s be real: Diddy is usually humble AF when it comes to the money — he’s donated millions to help out those in need — but he’s still let some of that gold shine. Check out his realest quotes about the money below!

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1. “I said, ‘I want the biggest, most expensive boat.’ And so I got the biggest most expensive boat. It was like $1.2 million a day.” - to My Come Up  <p><span style=2. “Have I read The Great Gatsby? I am the Great Gatsby.” - to The Independent  <p><span style=3. “I'm not just like some green motherf***er that's just doing things to make money... Everything I sell is associated with part of my lifestyle.” - to The Independent  <p><span style=4. “It’s been like that for a couple of years now.” - Diddy on topping Forbes’ Richest in Hip-Hop list, to Ellen DeGeneres  <p><span style=5. “One day, I had asked my mother for a pair of sneakers. And the look on her face that she couldn’t afford it – it just made me realize that I needed to step up as a man.” - to “CBS This Morning”  <p><span style=6. “Every kid likes being able to have their own money and their own independence. Everybody remembers that feeling of being able to buy their own first toy from their allowance. And there is a certain pride that comes from being able to have that independence.” - to Entrepeneur   <p><span style=7. “I used to clean bathrooms in gas stations. And I took a lot of pride in it because I know all the other bathrooms were filthy. And I was just like, I wanted to have people walk into a clean bathroom – pristine. And I wanted to watch their face when they came out and ask, like, you know, ‘Who did that bathroom?’ And I felt proud.” — to “CBS This Morning”  <p><span style=8. “Being an entrepreneur to me means belief in myself, and belief in my dreams, and independence and freedom.” - to Entrepreneur   <p><span style=9. "Any business I get into, I go and I do the proper studying and I do the research to make sure I thoroughly understand that business," Diddy once told Entrepreneur  <p><span style=10. “I can't impress you with the cars and the wealth. Cause any woman with will and drive can get it herself.” - “Satisfy You” - Diddy  <p><span style=



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