Is Mariah Carey Losing Weight For The Wrong Reasons?

By Allie Gold

November 7, 2017

People seem to think Mariah Carey is having weight surgery for all the wrong reasons. 

It is being reported that Mariah got gastric sleeve surgery, the same as our own Elvis Duran! However it may have not been for the health reasons or as Elvis says, it reached a point when he "couldn't see his privates." It is being reported that she actually had the surgery because of body-shamers. It was previously reported in In Touch that Mariah was body-shamed by members of her audience during the last night of her Vegas residency. "Some audience members immediately started whispering about her appearance — her costumes were incredibly revealing and tight. She looked bigger all over, but Mariah was flaunting every curve," the eyewitness said. "One audience member said she looked like a sausage encased in glitter and others were saying she needs to change her clothes."

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