Did A Contestant Loudly Fart On Wheel Of Fortune?

By Dave Basner

September 10, 2019

Something interesting happened on a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune - a contestant may have farted. 

It's hard to tell what happened because the camera was on the board at the time, but as a woman was yelling out the letter she wanted, there was a fart sound and right after it, she said, "Excuse me." 

Host Pat Sajak wrote it off saying, "That's okay, all I heard was a noise. I just heard a sound. Unidentifiable," but he spent the rest of the round giggling. Twitter is pretty convinced she cut the cheese:

However, the contestant landed on a Free Spin, which meant she could choose a vowel without having to pay for it, something it seems she realized as she was saying the letter "F," and so she made a sound with her mouth and instead said "O."  

Pat probably meant he didn't hear her say "F," since that would mean she'd have to stay with that letter. After she spins the wheel again, she does pick "F," showing it was what she was originally thinking. It also would have had to have been a pretty loud fart for the microphone to have picked it up so clearly. 

If it was gas, she might not even be the first to fart on the show:

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