13-Year-Old At Pool Party Is Told She Looks Pregnant And Realizes She Is

By June Rivers

November 14, 2017

Kennedy Griest was a popular 13-year-old, gearing up for her freshman year of high school in Michigan. During the summer, she attended a pool party where one of her classmates snapped a photo of her.

When the photo was posted online, Kennedy’s classmates commented on the fact that she looked pregnant in her bathing suit.

“Oh my God, look. Kennedy’s pregnant,” they wrote.

People started asking if the rumors were true, but Kennedy said there was no way that was possible. But she and her boyfriend had been dating for over a year — and they started having protected sex when they were 13.

Kennedy realized she’d might have missed some telltale symptoms of pregnancy: the missed periods, the emotional highs and lows — she and her mom just attributed it all to puberty.

But then, she took a pregnancy test… and then two more. As it turned out, the speculation was correct. Kennedy was pregnant at the age of 13.

Word spread around town, and Kennedy was bullied and called cruel names. It was hurtful and humiliating, especially since she says many of her friends were sexually active, too.

Her mom, Wendy, was shocked to learn her daughter was pregnant and had not once suspected her youngest child was having sex. Wendy finally realized she hadn’t been asking the right questions.

Wendy also knew Kennedy was young and immature.

“How in the world is she going to be able to take care of a baby?!” she asked herself.

Several people suggested the teen abort the baby, but Kennedy refused. She did, however, contemplate adoption.

In October 2014, at the age of 14, Kennedy gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

What happened next will leave you surprised, inspired, and even hopeful… because Kennedy was determined to beat the odds stacked against her.

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Photo: Little Things